Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Father and Son Shoes

Spent a good amount of time looking at these shoes, and taking photos of them over the weekend :)
We had the Tip Toey Joey's for quite some time now, but hubby just got his barefoot shoes last week. I totally forgot about little J's pair until I saw hubby's :o Good thing I remembered! Whew!

I got all giddy when I found out we have almost-matching shoes for hubby and JJ. How cute, right? :)
Here are two shots of them in their new shoes, taken last Sunday at Power Plant Mall:
I wanted to take a shot of them both standing, but JJ was not cooperating. This is my best shot, with his tummy out in the open hihi...
Our verdict? Hubby's very picky when it comes to shoes. He loves his crocs; he wears them whenever and wherever. So I was quite happy that these barefoot sneakers are added to his list of regular shoes—they're very soft and comfy. As for JJ? We love that the back of the shoe is garterized, making it harder for the babies to take them off.

* For more information on Tip Toey Joey, you can click here.
* barefoot store is located at the 2nd Level South Entertainment Mall at the SM Mall of Asia.

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