Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hey, George!

It's always a nice surprise to bump into friends when you're out.  This happened to me the other day, after my meeting with Runway Productions for a launch project we're working on.  Vita Fede's local distributor and food lover/connoiseur/stylist, Sharlene Tan arrived at M cafe in Greenbelt, armed with her usual paper bag full of accessory goodies.  I quickly gave her a wave, and told her that I'll move to her table once I'm done with my meeting. 

As soon as I ended my meeting, guess who came?  Bench baby, Channel V, and super smart girl Georgina Wilson!  I had a great afternoon catching up with her and Sharlene.  Georgina's first cover and modeling stint was with Pink magazine, which I was part of before.  "George" always mentions that whenever she can—always thoughtful and appreciative.  She's so down-to-earth, too!

For those of you who don't know, she graduated with a double degree in Finance and Accounting in Australia.  And she finished it in four years, instead of five!  Wow, right?  This girl loves numbers, so I wasn't surprised she took degrees that have a lot of numbers in it.  Before she left Manila, she was enrolled in Ateneo with a Management Engineering degree.  Not surprising at all...

For now, she's taking her time before she joins the work force as a TV and event host.  Here she is, choosing Vita Fede stuff to wear to her tapings:
Vita Fede George
I couldn't resist not trying on what seems to be George's and my favorite, a leather cuff with "Balenciaga" studs on it ;) We were also eyeing other pieces. I'll post those next time in my other blog.
Vita Fede balenciaga

For those of you who don't know, Vita Fede is a US brand that's boasts of Italian materials and craftsmanship. They're quite known for supplying accessories to luxury brands such as Gucci, Tod's, and Balenciaga. I'll post more photos of their fabulous accessories, but for now, you can click on this link to get to know more about the brand.


  1. HI!!!!! where can i found balenciaga's studs online?

  2. Hi Eli! might be selling them, but you can try looking for them in facebook? :)


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