Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fun Times

My parents "kidnapped" little J yesterday, and checked in at EDSA Shang Hotel.  We picked him up after work.  The traffic was horrible :(
Anyways, I also checked in with little J and my mom the weekend before I started working.  I was reminiscing yesterday how fun it was.  Here are some photos:

Little J getting busy on the desk
jj hotel shang
I never really thought much about the swimming pool whenever we check in, until now. Wasn't able to bring swimsuits, so we just got our legs wet
jj horel swim
after the dip, looking all so fluffy and like an angel :D
jj hotel towel
looking at what my brother is doing. My family loves gadgets. I wonder what little J's first gadget will be and when.
jj jaja
Was too full from the breakfast buffet, so settled with dimsum at Shang Palace. We love their Asado Pie.
hotel dimsum
Their mango pudding (with lots of milk) is the bomb!
hotel mango pudding
just want to share one of my fave videos :) wawa lang 'coz he bumped his forehead towards the end
Sigh! I have work today. Bummer! But this video helps make this working Saturday a bit better. Hope everyone's enjoying the long weekend :) What are your plans?

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