Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Mats

Little J has been very active for the past few months; crawling everywhere!  To protect him from getting bruises and scratches, and germs or dirt on him, we got him these mats:

Alphabet mats that hubby got from 168 mall.  He installed them on his own, but we had to dismantle it (a bit) and air them out because they had quite a strong rubber scent to them which we think might be harmful for little J.  The stores sell a pack of these for about P500-600.  From what I remember, hubby bought it for about P300.  Yes, that big a price diff right?  And about the strong rubber scent, I think those that are being sold in the stores have that, too!
alphabet mats

Winnie-the-Pooh roll-on mat, which my Auntie Ana (my dad's sister) gave me... way before little J was born.  She got it in Tutuban Mall for about P1,200.  Isn't it cute?  We use this downstairs when we want little J to hang out with us while we watch TV.  I recently went to 168 mall and saw a store selling this in a Hello Kitty print.  Still the same price at P1,200.
pooh mat
My Auntie Ana is such a nice lady.  She loves buying gifts for everyone.  Thanks, Auntie Ana, for the mat ;)

nba romper
Oh, for those who have hubbies who are into basketball, I think you'd be interested in what little J is wearing.  I got this from the SM Department Store for about P130—sorry, I'm not exactly sure with the price.  But they're on sale now at 20% off ;)

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