Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why It's Been Quiet

Here we go again :o See you all this weekend!
We also have marked downs you'll surely love ;)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Little J (and my) First Trick or Treat

Yes, you read it right.  Yesterday was my first one, with Little J and hubby :)  Little J wore two costumes.  Well, the first one he wore out for lunch with my side of the family—a Kimono set, which he also wore early in the morning while he helped grandma (hubby's mom) prepare for the village's "trick or treat" activities:



... and off we go :)  Here's Little J feeling like he's a big boy already—he doesn't want to hold daddy's hand...


Little J sweats a lot and fast, so I thought of getting this construction worker vest (with tools, a tool belt, and a "hard" hat) instead :)  Cute, don't you agree?

His two older cousins came in adorable costumes as well: one's Alice in Wonderland, and the other is a Fruit Fairy. Both got their costumes from SM Department Store.  "Alice" even had a blonde wig ;)  Here are the kids having fun with their loot, though it's the adults (like us and their nannies) who will get to eat them later on haha...

I found this family so cool, because the parents came in costumes as well.  The mom was busy taking photos our kids, while I took a shot of her family ;)  Hope hubby's game to dress up next time; I would love to go around in a costume, too! :D

How about you? What are your plans for this week?
Happy Halloween :D

Friday, October 22, 2010

Little J's 1st Engagement Party

Close Up White Now threw an engagement party last Monday at the Rigodon Ballroom of Manila Peninsula Hotel for my cousin Ian King and Joey Mead, along with designer Rosanna Ocampo and Marco Rodriguez.

My schoolmate from St. Jude Catholic School, Tim Yap, and our wedding host, JM Rodriguez, were the hosts for the night:

How apt that Tim was the bridge for Ian (in Joey Samson) and Joey (in Rajo Laurel).

While JM served as the connection to Rosanna and Marco

Food was delicious!  Music was even better, as provided by hubby's schoolmate from Xavier, Mars Miranda (who was also my schoolmate back in college)

I was caught off guard in this photo, but I just wanted to share with you what I wore that night—a dress by Ronaldo Arnaldo :)  I love his choice of pastels and the whimsical yet very demure design :D  As for my makeup, I was too lazy to get all dolled up, which lead me to using this bright fuchsia gloss from M.A.C. called Magnetique.  It's the quickest way to look all made up ;)  Oh, and I was wearing my wedding shoes (lucite wedges) custom-made by Figlia ;)

And guess who we brought to the party? Little J! :D



Joey hung out with us for a while before we headed home :)

It was indeed a magical night for the two couples and the guests. I love the set-up, and the AVP CloseUp White Now made for them.  Watching them talk about their partners made me feel how much I appreciate hubby and little J :D  Thank you for inviting us to celebrate this romantic evening with you both, cuz Ian and Joey!

Will post more photos in my other blog next week :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Excited much? ;)

Having worked for 15 hours straight everyday for the past weekend, I think I deserved a little reward by shopping ;)  The staff all paid for their loot after closing.  Here I am on my way home with lots of Forever 21 bags :D  Not only did I buy for me, I bought for hubby, my mom and my brothers, too!

I was soooo happy with my buys that I wore the linen romper the next day, with Marc by Marc Jacob cork wedges.  Here I am with little J. I sure missed him and hubby over the past two days. Wasn't able to spend time with them since I was working.
To view a my full outfit, click on this link. There were really a lot of good buys at our sale, and I think everyone was happy with their purchases. Until the next one ;)

Monday, October 18, 2010

The SALE That Didn't Last FOREVER

One should always strive to beat his/her own record, but how can we ever top Forever 21's opening weekend event?  I couldn't sleep the night before the Mega 3-day sale—I was both (more) excited and (a bit) scared of things to come.  "Will our marketing efforts bring in the crowd?" This was the question I kept asking myself... After all, this is one of my deliverables :o

We left the store Thursday past midnight, and I woke up 7:30 a.m. and got to the store by 8:30 a.m.  Though my marketing responsibilities are over, I helped the Operations/Sales team in whatever way I can.  I've always believed that success lies in teamwork.  The morning was packed with preps, getting everyone all pumped up, and making sure everything's in order.  I was only able to step out of the store around 11:26 a.m. and saw the line outside: 

Can you see the end? I couldn't!  So I took a video instead:

I remember having goose bumps when I heard the girls running and screaming towards the store when we opened. I thought I would never experience that again, until I took this video you just watched (above).  Recording this clip left me speechless, it was truly an amazing experience to see everyone braving the line/s for Forever 21.

To all of you who patiently lined up to get in, to try on the clothes, and to pay: 
Thank you so much! We hope the long lines and the super steal purchases are worth it ;)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

See You All this Weekend at Megamall ;)

Will be signing off for the week with a teaser on what will be on sale this weekend—it's going to be a pretty busy week for the team :o I took a few photos of our merchandise that will be marked down starting this Friday, check them out!  I'm so excited!

red dress, P569
red dress, P569
purple striped knitted top, P519
purple and cream knitted top, P519

sheer peach vest, P569
peach vest, P569
gray peacoat, P519
peacoat, P519

linen romper with belt, P409
linen romper with belt, P409
linen shorts, P409
linen shorts, P409

knitted top, P459
knitted top, P459
gray vest, P469
gray vest, P469
black bandage dress, P469
black bandage dress, P469

and for hubby, red plaid polo, P519
red checkered top for men, P519
For more sneak previews, visit our Facebook fan page :)

Best news of all :) Forever 21 now offers 0% interest for 6 months installment, with a minimum purchase of P5,000. Click on the image below to find out if your credit card is part of the program :)

See ya all this weekend :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Lovely Guests

I love how my sister-in-law, Joy Cheng-See, set up Sofitel's grand ballroom.  Too bad I couldn't recommend her now that she has decided to let her business take a back seat to take care of her two kids.
She did the flowers, too!
Here are some of the guests that might be familiar to you :)
My "dapper" cousins, Gerovy, Atticus and Ian King. Atz is part of the people who run Uno mag, while Ian is the boyfriend of Joey Mead.
Mega Publishing Creative Director Suki Salvador and Blush Editor-in-Chief Vicky Tensuan
Thebaghag blogger Ingrid Chua-Go with her hubby
Meg Editor-in-Chief Peewee Reyes-Isidro with her hubby, Paolo, and former Teen and Pink Editor-in-Chief Bebeth Timbol
With Channel V VJ JM Rodriguez, our host for the night
Pat Dy, our photographer
... and a hug for my bubu. We were running around all night, chatting with friends, making up for lost time—separately. It was only at this point that I went up to my hubby and hugged him, obviously missing him haha... ;)
My last hurrah for the night, a short version of my wedding gown made with left-over lace. If I had my way, I would have walked down the aisle in a mini haha... ;)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Anniversary to US :D

Two years ago, on this exact date, hubby and I got married.  
Let me share with you my favorite moments down the aisle and after:

hubby was so scared to walk alone, with all eyes at him

while I could care less haha...
Here's a nice full body shot of my wedding gown :)
Excited much? haha...

We hugged right after our first official kiss as hubby and wife
Of course, a photo op ;)
Another kiss as we walked out...
We're done!!!
We had our own shoot after, before we proceeded to the reception:
This is definitely one of our fave photos :D
Happy 2nd year anniversary, bubu!


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