Thursday, May 20, 2010

Missing My Gua-ma

Two years have passed since my gua-ma (mom of my mom) passed away. There are so many "what if" questions in my head... if only she did this and she did that... she might have made it to my wedding day. But there's no point dwelling in the past. Like what one of my good friends told me: "At least now you have another angel beside you." I cried when I heard those lines, but it felt good. And I do feel that she's just around.

I was raised by my grandma. My mom had to work back in the '80s, like most moms did. So, grandma and I were really close. People up until now would always tell me how I was her favorite. When I learned how to drive, my mom and I would pick up my grandma every Saturday and we would mostly hang out in the mall, or at a restaurant. I guess, you could say, that I don't feel as sad as I should, because I know I've spent a lot of my free time with her.

So there, two years have passed, and yesterday was her death anniversary.  Hubby and I took the morning off and spent it at Narra Temple near Recto (Chinatown) with relatives and grandma's closest friends. Most of my Sundays were spent there with my parents and grandma, joining the chants. This time, we were there to pray for her.

Blessed candies, coins, and flowers were thrown across the room by the monks.

Here we are packing goodies for the attendees. This was after the two-hour prayer session:

Then, my parents treated everyone to a sumptuous lunch at President restaurant in Chinatown:

I went straight to the office after lunch—swamped with work :o I only got to take out my "loot" when I got home:

Didn't want to throw away the cut roses, so I placed them in a water-filled cookie jar.

Just wanted to share this light bulb idea. 
Makes for a great table centerpiece, right? :)

How about you? What would you have done with these cut flowers?

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