Friday, January 11, 2013

Because It's the Weekend...

I'm sharing you one of my most laziest outfits :) On weekends, my clothing du jour has always been shorts—they're comfy and perfect for running around with the kids.


Forever 21 sequined top, BCBG shorts, sequined Fitflops, Givenchy Antigona.

For this outfit, I kept it simple and classic, but added a little "glam" by picking pieces with a little bit of shimmer.  I am not fond of glitters and sequins in general, but I like those with a little sheen with sweet candy colors.  Hence, these white ones are perfect with just the right amount of subtle sheen :)  

And the Fitflops?  Yes, I've succumbed to owning a pair of these.  I know they're not stylish, but this crisp white pair can pass for one (well, in my opinion) anthey're quite comfy, actually.  Again, great for the weekends!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Gina Baby!

Because it was Gina's special day yesterday, 
here are some pics from her advanced birthday party last dec. 27 :)

The celebration was at her bar called Fred's, located at Cubao X20121227_233102

It seems that Fred's has been doing quite well.  
It has taken over spaces right across and beside it, too!

I really like the whole atmosphere—very homey!
I told Gina it reminded me of my trip to one of the bar strips in Melbourne (Australia) and Gina shared that she customers from Australia who said it felt like that too!

My friends had beer, while I enjoyed a big glass of mango shake—for the breastfeeding mom ;) I don't really like drinking though, so it's all good.  Just give me pulutan like these yummy onion rings hehe...

Her cupcakes consists of things that represent her.  
Like this one, with an inhaler since Gina has asthma haha...

Here's a photo of "the group" 
We became good friends when we were all working for ABS CBN Publishing then.
Left to right: Mags Paguyo (who was our resident photographer for Chalk magazine, Marj Akil (who's now based in England and flew back to Manila for the holidays at the last minute), me and birthday girl Gina.

So much stories to share, so little time. 
Still, we all had a blast :)

Happy birthday again, Gina!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Whimsical Party

While everyone had parties last month/year, retail and service-oriented stores like ours were busy working.  We had our company party just last Monday night, and the theme was Whimsical.

The first thing that came to mind was Willy Wonka, then Midsummer Night's dream.  Our small marketing department of three wanted to dress up as a team, and eventually thought of this cute group, although they weren't whimsical at all hehe...  Can you guess who we were?  I think we're pretty obvious? :)
We were supposed to have life size Nerd candy boxes made, but couldn't find high resolution images of the boxes :(  It would have been really cute, noh? Oh well...
credits: Forever 21 bodycon dresses, and knee high stockings from SM dept. store

Here are some of photos that I took that night.  We all loved how Arman (far right) got creative and made the hat and bow using felt paper. Pretty cool!

The resourceful borrowers: Ivah, our Merchandising Manager, was able to borrow a Snow White costume.  Vicky, our regional manager, got her niece's red riding hood costume.

Pusoy dos!

The fairies (store managers) from SM Megamall branch.

Pixie girls (assistant store managers) from Makati.

And of course, who doesn't love photo booths? :)

Here's a parting shot from the Marketing Team :)

On another note, I won a Nokia cellphone which I donated, and I was also one of the judges for the presentation contest.  I felt like I was watching "Show Time."  Pinoys really have great talent :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Our Boys :)

It's rare that I get good shots of the two boys—the toddler is hyper active while our not-so-newborn is still a bit fragile.  Put the two together and you're asking for trouble ;)

Yesterday, I attempted to take some shots and here they are:




On another note, I fed the little one his milk and placed him here. 
Witnessed him quietly falling asleep hihi..

Here's hoping for more great shots!
Have a great week, everyone!

Friday, January 4, 2013

The last day of 2012

How did you spend the last day of 2012?  
For us, early lunch is always at the house of our oldest King member, 
who is the brother of my grandfather

Imagine all of the King clan in one venue, until fourth generation (3rd cousins)—you don't get to see that much reunions like these :)

The theme this year was military, but we found out a bit too late.  So dad got us some camouflage shirts from one of the stores across Camp Crame in Santolan.  Here I am wearing their XL, since it didn't fit my dad. They sure have pretty small sizes...

Hubby was in his stylish camouflage version (snow or sand military-inspired), while I rolled up the sleeves and wore a pair of chunky lace-up knee high boots an olive green Lancel Premier Flirt bag.  I don't get to bring this bag out that often, so I took this chance to sport it that day.

We all went home to my parents' place to rest, and left about 645 p.m. 
to pick up my in-laws for dinner at HEAT, in EDSA Shangri-la Hotel.

The kids had a blast playing with the New Year's Eve props.  We even brought a few home.

We got back to my parents' place around 11, just in time to for the fireworks.

The neighbors had non-stop fantastic fireworks, too!

Like any toddler, JJ was a bit scared of the noise so I hid him in my brother's car.  I remember my dad putting us in the car every New Year's Eve to watch the fireworks ;)

The difference now is that my brother's car has a moon roof, 
so he gets to watch the fireworks fly up and show off their beauty :)

The finale was this "sawa" by the neighbor.  The boys (my dad, brother and hubby) were amazed at the bigness of it.  We all watched it light up, with hubby timing it to a minute full of fire cracking.

All throughout, JJ was in the car — pretty effective!  I think we'll be doing this for a while ;)

... and here's what I wore that night:
printed biased-cut dress by Arnold Galang, beige Melissa pumps, 
and Hermes Lindy in Bleu Jean

What I particularly love about this dress is that the designer used a different color for the back, making this "sunday" dress a little more fun.

How about you?  How did you spend the last day of 2012? :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

First day High

My first day back at work was really packed, and I am not complaining.  We also had a hearty lunch with the whole F21 gang at Italliani's :) It's a great way to start 2013, actually.  How was yours? 

I am also loving the outfit that I pulled together.  It was a luxurious inspiration, if I may say so ;)  I am the type who chooses one piece of fashion item and works around it.  In this case, it was a pair of lace cropped pants that my mom got for me from her recent Hong Kong trip.  This forest green lace fabric gave a very opulent vibe, and the cigarette-cut of the pants is just so '50s chic!


Since I'm still on a holiday hangover, I paired it with a purple silk top from Forever 21, and blue reptile-printed platform wedges from  Cropped pants can be unforgiving to petite ladies, as the hem ends around your ankles which can make you look shorter than you really are.  That's why cropped pants are better worn with heels or wedges or platforms.  


I topped it off with a white Givenchy Antigona—this sling "work" bag tones down this jewel-toned ensemble, making it perfect for day wear.  

Here's hoping I can pull off more fab outfits ;)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013!!!

Spent the first day with my side of the family with a hearty lunch at Peking Garden (Greenbelt 5).  Here is a shot of the boys on their way to the resto :)

You know how families (moms, actually) like to wear coordinate outfits? 
Here's our version: Asked hubby to wear his checkered polo from Forever 21, 
while I made JJ put on this gingham print (from the Boy's section of SM department store).

I got this '50s diner-inspire polo for baby JP (from the baby's section at SM department store), with me wearing a striped polo from Uniqlo ;)

I was quite pleased with how I was able to put all of the elements together for the New Year ;) - red, glitter andots!
OOTD: pink striped L/S polo from Uniqlo, tailored shimmer shorts from Forever 21, silver espadrille oxfords from Hong Kong, red Miu-Miu shades (with polka-dot prints to bring in more money for 2013), and white Givenchy Antigona. 

... and here's a group shot of the Cheng family!

From our family to yours, the Cheng's wishes you a blessed and prosperous 2013 :)


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