Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Shoe Camper!

Had to attend an event at Glorietta yesterday morning, per boss' orders. On my way up from the parking level, I passed by CMG and found out that they are on sale.
cmg sale

They've been having sales recently, but only a handful of good quality shoes were on sale. Except for this one in Glorietta, where they had about 4 racks full of shoes on sale! Of course, I couldn't resist checking the store out after "work," so I passed by the store on my way down to the escalator.

Left the store with this :o I had a packed and semi-stressful week, so I thought I deserve a little prize ;) And I've been eyeing this pair for quite some time now. Clogs are back, courtesy of Chanel Spring/Summer 2010 collection.  But I haven't seen much of this style in the stores... Let's wait and see if it will be a hit here.
cmg clogs

Original price: P1,499
Sale price: P999


  1. That's a bargaiN. I've passed by CMG the other day but can't go in because I still have some work to finish and nakalimutan ko. anyhoo I love reading your blog po - Maureen

  2. Yeah, it is! Sayang, you weren't able to drop by. Maybe tomorrow?
    BTW, checked our your blog and saw a post on you as an intern in Trilogy. When are you there? They prepared something for me to pick up. Maybe I'll see you when I drop by? :)


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