Friday, July 29, 2011

Home Shopping

One of the perks we get as an SM employee is that we get first dibs at sale events.  Yesterday, we got to check out the sale at SMX.  There were items discounted at more 50% off.  I ended up getting these:

rubberized mat, 2 for P195; 3 throw pillow cases for P100; 2 sets of pillow cases (super soft!) at P230 each; 3pc standard flat sheet and 2 pillow cases for P430 (from P2k+); and another 4pc king set for P960 (from P3k+)

Spoon and fork for Little J, at 50% off 
P50 each (original price P100)

The packaging isn't presentable anymore, but we still got a bunch of them because of the super steal prices: The garment bag is P50 each; comforter bag at P100; and accessory bag at P90 each.

I also bought a 3pc tabo (water dipper, as I discovered in google) at P30 for the set.
Fabulous purchases, right?  Other items include beddings, kitchen stuff, and furniture are also on sale.

So, if you have time, do drop by SMX to check out these goodies :D

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Real Shopping Trip

I can't believe I went to HK to shop—overnight and over the weekend!  
I made this decision because:
1. my mom was there with my auntie (her sister)
2. my dad asked my mom to work on some paperworks there, so I followed just to make sure everything is okay
3. my friends were there too

So, here I am in the airport shuttle bus on my way to Causeway Bay to stay at my mom's hotel. HKD 65 round trip :)

Glad that the bus offered free wi-fi service :D

Had a "date" with Thons and John (whom I met in UK and stayed a night with him and his hubby):

and Preston

We went on a bargain hunt ;)

With me shopping quite a bit at the Prada/Miu Miu outlet :o

So happy with my finds, though I've overspent for the year with my UK trip :o
Hubby says I deserve it with all the work I've been doing. 
Thanks for understanding hihi... Love you, babe!

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Special Gift

Got a nice package before the Miadore x Fadal x Seven Barreto event :)

Carefully wrapped in this silver box was a special necklace made for me by the Miadore artist, Yekky

Seeing his creations up close makes me appreciate all the hard work he puts in each piece. Truly a collector's item :)

I wore it to his exhibit launch :) To find out how I wore it, click on this link.
Thank you so much, Yekky :D

Friday, July 22, 2011

First Toy Blocks

I went straight to Little J's room and found my two boys doing some "construction" work:

It's Little J's first toy blocks, which we got for him from our shopping day at Clark last Sunday.  We still have a big set of MegaBlocks which we will open real soon for him too!

Tried taking a photo of him, but he was apparently very busy with his new toy

I can't wait to see him start building :D

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Attempt

Sundays are usually very busy for us, and I can hardly squeeze in a haircut session for Little J. So, last Sunday morning, I tried to trim his hair---for now...

Little J sure has lots of hair, but that's just a fourth of what I cut.  Here he is, after his first haircut by me

So sorry, little one. Mommy's going to bring you to a real haircutter/barber soon :D

Monday, July 18, 2011

JJ Hoards

Well, not really, we returned all the stuff he took from his little basket hehe...

We spent the afternoon with my parents at Fontana, Clark, Pampanga.  Their GC's were about to expire soon, so we had lunch there :)  We're planning a weekend stay real soon with my in-laws, so the kids can enjoy the new Water Park.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Green and Go

Little J had his regular check up last Wednesday, wearing an all green ensemble given by his Auntie Orts and Uncle Jeff (who is known to love Nike) :D Thank you!


He looks so big here! :o Sigh, time flies by so fast...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Belated Celebration

JJ got sick the day we were supposed to celebrate his 2nd birthday with my side of the family, so we only got to have lunch yesterday at Uncle Cheffy's at Burgos Circle.  I've always loved their pianizza: we ordered their Cheese, Cheese, Cheese and decided to have another one with beef—yummy!

We had their beef platter as well:

Everyone was full so we didn't order desserts, but we had Little J blow the candles placed on our table :D I think we sang about 5 times for him; he was so happy :D

Notice that hubby and Little J are wearing the same shirt styles ;)

So cute, don't you agree? 

P.S. I am actually in awe that he already knows how to blow. Some kids' idea of blowing is inhaling air ;)

Friday, July 8, 2011

JJ, the Sheriff

Woke up the other day to our own little sheriff running around the house :D


I asked him to stay still and smile at the camera, and this is what he did:

It looks like a onesie (but he's too old for that). He's just wearing a blue brief ;)

Isn't he adorable? :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Feature

I came out last month in Meg. Hope you were able to get a copy :)


Credits go to photographer Ed Simon, hair and makeup by Chuchie Ledesma of Creations by Lourd Ramos.

And our parting shot, our Visual Merchandiser Louie Jay with Meg's Editor-in-Chief Peewee Reyes-Isidro. 

Until the next feature ;)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Filipino Pride

Sorry for the "long break," we still do not have internet at home :( And I try not to bring my personal duties to work...

Anyways, I'll keep this short and sweet :)
I attended Metrowear's Filipiniana fashion show and got featured in

Vintage barong with patchwork appliques and shorts from New Yorker, paired with BCBG wedges, and a Marc Jacobs quilted leather clutch, and Forever 21 connector ring :)

Hope you can vote for me by clicking on this link and selecting my photo ;) Thank you!


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