Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nikkibebs, Thank You :D

The past 5 days have been a blast, with us staying at my childhood friend's place at Stockton (U.K.)...  We left her place earlier today for Edinburgh.  This was taken earlier yesterday, and this is the view at the back of her apartment.  Breathtaking, isn't it? :)  

She's been a great trooper, driving us around the area and being so patient with us :)  Here is a shot of us doing some last minute checks, as Nikki gave us her recommendations for the rest of our trips.

Thank you, Nikkibebs, for taking care of me, my mom and my brother :D 
See you soon!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Outfit Post

Apologies for the short posts, as I need to get some sleep.  Plus, my flickr account is full already for the month of May :o  While we await for tomorrow to arrive, here's an outfit post of what I wore the next day: This photo was taken when we arrived at Darlington station, where Nikki picked us up. She lives a few minutes away from here.
Striped maxi dress, leggings (worn inside to keep me warm). Both from Forever 21. Scarf from Hermes.  White long cardigan from Hong Kong, and a cracked silver suede reversible jacket by Jeff Rogador.

The photo below was taken today. This was our last day at Stockton, where we stayed for the past few days:
Floral dress and leggings by Forever 21, white long cardigan from Hong Kong, scarf from Hermes, paired with Jeff Rogador's reversible jacket with floral brocade-esque fabric.

Loving the jacket, because I get to wear it two ways—very photo-op friendly ;)

Friday, May 27, 2011

UK Trip Day 1 (May 25)

Slept for about an hour due to last minute work stuff, and woke up at 3AM to get picked up by my parents. We got to the airport around 4pm.  Good thing we have access to the lounge :)

With so much stuff to do before leaving, I only got to browse through my e-mails.  Good thing, there was free internet, and I got to "chat" with my friend Nikki from London, and found out that I have to print some train tickets to her place. Whew!

On our way to HongKong, we left around 630am

Connecting flight to London at 955am

On our way to the gate
Side note: I brought a lot of maxi dresses.  I wanted to try something different this time, and not wear pants for this trip ;)


Good thing the leg room was a bit bigger—it's a 12-hour flight after all

my lunch

Got to finish the whole season 6 of "How I Met Your Mother"

My dinner: pasta

My brother's

Who can say no to Haagen-Dazs? :P

Look at the spoon, how cute!

Our snack

Awesome view


Time to get our luggages

Their taxis are pretty roomy

We got to the Grand Plaza hotel (as recommended by a friend - John).  From the outside, we think this looks like the best apartment hotel there is in the area (Bayswater).

We got a free upgrade to a 2-bedroom unit - Yay!




The view from our window.

Got pretty hungry, so we ate at Pret



Walking around...

Bought Evian for our trip tomorrow to Darlington

My brother and I shared a Malteser ice cream stick

What I'm wearing: Forever 21 maxi dress, cotton jacket from Greenhills tiangge and scarf from Esprit

Decided to go back to the room and rest for a bit

Went out for dinner around 9pm at Noodle Oodle.  There were LCD screens on the walls for customer use.  Look at that, there's Gordon Ramsey.  He visited the resto and tried to "pull" noodles (make noodles by pulling them).

Had their dry noodles with minced beef 
It's sort of like spaghetti—Chinese version :D

My brother had their noodle soup

While waiting for our bill, we played some games

Spot the Difference hehe...

Off to Darlington tomorrow via train to stay at my childhood friend Nikki's pad
Bought some snacks to keep us from getting hungry on the way ;)

Ended the night with a chat with my two boys.

Haha... our household help and nanny are there, too! :D
Thank goodness for internet and YM.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I Wore to PFW

Wore a romper to our Forever 21 show.  All accessories from Boracay, except the ring and shoes which are from Forever 21.  Woven clutch by Aranaz.

Special thanks to Eric delos Santos for providing me with a dress from his PFW Holiday 2011 collection.  My accessories: clutch by Kate Spade, and shoes by Missoni.

For the last day of PFW, I decided to do some color blocking.  Top, shorts, and rings from Forever 21, bejewelled necklace by Matthew & Melka, bag by Louis Vuitton, and shoes by Virtual Mae. 

Oh, how I missed dressing up.  Until the next event ;)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Proud Momma!

I hoarded all the newspapers I could buy last Saturday.  I even walked to the MRT stop near the Makati store haha... Here is a soft copy of what came out ;)

Everyone was surprised that we were able to make little J do what was required.  So proud of my little boy :D

Friday, May 20, 2011

JJ's First Modeling Stint

Please grab a copy of Philippine Star tomorrow to find out what Little J modeled for ;)
So excited to buy tons of copies tomorrow hihi ;)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My MYOH's :D

I never miss an MYOH. Although this one was held during PFW, I still had to go and make myself one :D I brought my mom along, as I've always had one made for her, too ;)

This is what we got:

I picked the limited ed MYOH in slim.
Since "passport" was the theme, I decided to put charms that represented the countries I went to:

A portion of the sales of the Japanese doll goes to the Japan earthquake victims.

Good job, Havaianas :)


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