Friday, May 28, 2010

JJ tags along

A few weeks back, hubby and little J picked me up from work.  Here he is with my colleague, Lui.  I only realized how big little J was until she carried him :o  Look at Lui's smile, seems like she was having a hard time carrying little J hehe...
ofc jj lui

Lui and our other colleague, Vicky, have been waiting for me to bring little J again to work. I found the opportunity today when my parents gave me the driver (and their car) for the week. So, this morning, little J went on a joy ride with me.
jj work am

He also picked me up from work, and got to hang with Vicky today. Both Vicky and Lui love little J to pieces, and even carried him around the office. :D
ofc jj vicky

I got dizzy taking care of little J during our ride back home. He's quite the active boy, and I had to give him to yaya (nanny) for a few minutes so I can take a breather.
jj ofc pm

I'll see if little J can tag along again tomorrow. It's great to spend a few more minutes with him on the road :)

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