Friday, May 7, 2010

My Best Bud's Farm

I had one of the loveliest wedding bouquets ever, thanks to one of my best-est childhood friends She and her parents who are coincidentally our principal sponsors as well :D

Jane and John wedding

They have a farm that grows these wonderful cattleyas, orchids and organic veggies.  We're really lucky to get some of these every now and then.


organic farm

She posted the photos above in Facebook, and quite a few of our friends have been inquiring about the flowers. Some even want them for Mother's Day—what a great idea! You can click on this link to view more of her farm and what they have to offer. Just send her a message her if you're interested in ordering.

Speaking of Mother's Day, what are your plans? I'm booking a 3-bedroom unit at Oakwood Ortigas (overnight stay), and we'll spend dinner with my hubby's clan after (we're hosting it at our place so it's going to be a very busy weekend for me). My parents love staying in hotels, and I feel that this is a better gift than just buying them things. After all, they can afford to buy anything they want. What's more precious is time well spent together ;) How about you?

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