Friday, June 21, 2013

Black and White Affair

Samsung Metrowear Icon, together with The Lifestyle Network, celebrated Rajo Laurel’s birthday and 20th anniversary via a fashion show held last May 21, Sunday.  One of Philippines most loved designer, Laurel’s special bash at the Fairmont Hotel was filled with his loyal clientele, along with friends and colleagues who have been with him over the years. 
Metrowear Icon - Designer Rajo Laurel

The hall was filled with guests in black and/or white gowns.  Most of them playing up these neutral shades with sheer fabrics and panels that gave a sexy and modern take to these classic colors.  Find out how Manila’s fashion set amplified these timeless hues:

Adrienne Ley loosened up with a kimono-type jacket with white piping.  Piled bejeweled cuffs added just the right accents to this sleek number.
Adrienne Ley

Alice Dixon mixed shimmer, matte and sheer fabrics for an interesting play of textures.  Strategically-placed see-through panels showed off her fit and sexy figure.
Alice Dixon

Bianca Gonzales was in an angelic combination of white and pale gray.  The bandage top toughens up the look.

Georgina Wilson had fun with black by playing with different mediums.  The bead work on the bodice, and the iridescent quality of the feathers are great subtle effects.
Georgina Wilson

Issa Litton was unconventionally classic in a lace cheongsam style gown with nude-colored lining.
Issa Litton

Jessica Kienle updated the dominatrix look with an aubergine leather top.  Hair is styled in a sleek up ‘do to give a intense look.
Jessica Kienle

Only Maricar de Mesa can pull off this netted tiered gown—definitely a scene-stealer, with taste.
Maricar De Mesa

Linda Ley played with overlap stripes and soft ruffles.  Her bold gold accents stood out over this pristine white gown.

Host for the night, Teresa Herrera, was in contrasting elements of bandage top and tulle skirt that was reminiscent of a tough ballet girl.
Teresa Herrera

Tetta Ortiz Matera came in a powerful sleek suit.  The pops of white ruffled top and clutch added just the right complements to her outfit.
Tetta Ortiz Matera

Solenn Heussaff’s voluminous bottom sweetened the dominatrix leather-paneled top.
Solenn Heussaff

Sexy black came in shimmer, sheer an cutouts via Divine Lee’s gown.  In photo, with Victor Basa.
Victor Basa and Divine Lee

Venisse Laurel-Hermano sexified the classic white polo by pairing it with a black serpentine-cut skirt.

Men in Suits
Borgy Manotoc perked it up with a colorful printed tie.

Dong Ronquillo sure knows his fashion.  He kept everything clean (not even wearing a tie) to highlight his gold accented lapel.
Dong Ronquillo

Tim Yap stayed true to his colorful persona in tinted splashes all over his white suit.

Joey Samson is the guru when it comes to casualizing formal men’s wear.  His draped bottom and striped belt gave off a relaxed vibe.
Joey Samson

Patrick Ty, with Michealle Torres, played with plaid prints in monochromatic hues.
Metro's Patrick Ty and Michealle Torres

Rhett Eala came in different shades of gray, as seen in his tie, suit and pants.
Rhett Eala

We’re loving Ivar Aseron’s quirky rendition of formal—collared polo under a shirt-style suit.
Ivar Aseron

Jing Monis picked a slim tie for this black-tie affair.

Joseph Marco’s shiny tie and lapel stood out when matched with this matte suit.
Joseph Marco

*Metrowear Icon: Rajo Laurel is co-presented by Samsung and Tag Heuer. The event is for the benefit of the advocacies of the Lopez Group Foundation. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shape It Up

The genuine art of corset-making is known by only a handful in our country, even less appreciated.  Mention the word to the younger generation and they think it’s just another fashion piece.

betty's bodyform

But to those who got married, and to those who gave birth, most of them would know about the benefits of wearing a corset:
(1) making you instantly look slimmer by taking off at least 2-3 inches from your waist
(2) helping you lose inches around your waist by wearing it everyday.   
Ask them where to have one made, and they will surely recommend “Betty’s.”

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Working Piece: Gray Maxi

More often that not, when you're too busy thinking about work... you tend to grab the easiest clothing pieces to wear for work.  I try to avoid wearing the same clothes within a month or so, but opted to work with basics like this gray maxi.

About two weeks ago, I reincarnated this gray maxi, and paired it with pops of neon:
gray maxi

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Divi Day

Hubby was busy last Saturday morning, so I was left with the boys at home.  I had to do some errands in Divisoria + grocery shopping, and JJ insisted on tagging along, so I brought him and the yaya with me.  It was his first Divi experience, and yaya and I held on to him tightly.

Along the way, he bought his own toys :)  Prices were really a steal, so I couldn't say NO to this little boy:

Chinese-version of Ninjago, P50 each
Divi day with jj

Monday, June 3, 2013

Sunday Birthday

This is a delayed post, been so busy with work that I wasn't able to upload this.  The other Sunday, hubby and I were godparents to Denise Ashley.  We brought the kids to the party proper and JJ had a great time there, while baby JP enjoyed the sweets and the colorful decor/balloons.
Birthday party


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