Friday, May 14, 2010

Heels Make The Woman

I love heels!  That is, until I got pregnant.  All my high heels were left untouched at that time, and even after I gave birth to little J.  I only renewed my love for these "boosters" when I discovered House of High Heels.  You could say that they re-introduced me to the wonderful world of high heels ;)
Here I am, at the Hermes launch, wearing purple platforms.  
I was surprised to find out how comfy they are, and how flattering they are, too!
*photo courtesy of Style Bible*
stylebible jane hermes
In photo: wearing Ronaldo Arnaldo dress, and Chanel clutch

Here's a close-up shot of these babies:
If you love heels as much as I do—who doesn't?—click on this link. It will bring you to their facebook page, where they have two albums with shoes that are on sale, at 50% off! So, hurry! ;)


  1. I love the shoes :D I hope I can don those stuff. I'm kind of afraid because i'm already 5'9 and ppl myt think i'm attention seeker.

  2. So sorry for the very late reply. is blocked at work.
    Wow, you're 5'9"? :D Make the most out of your height and physique! I'm sure a lot of women secretly envy you. Embrace it! Just learn where and when you should wear heels, so you won't feel conscious.


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