Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Excited much? ;)

Having worked for 15 hours straight everyday for the past weekend, I think I deserved a little reward by shopping ;)  The staff all paid for their loot after closing.  Here I am on my way home with lots of Forever 21 bags :D  Not only did I buy for me, I bought for hubby, my mom and my brothers, too!

I was soooo happy with my buys that I wore the linen romper the next day, with Marc by Marc Jacob cork wedges.  Here I am with little J. I sure missed him and hubby over the past two days. Wasn't able to spend time with them since I was working.
To view a my full outfit, click on this link. There were really a lot of good buys at our sale, and I think everyone was happy with their purchases. Until the next one ;)

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