Monday, October 25, 2010

Little J (and my) First Trick or Treat

Yes, you read it right.  Yesterday was my first one, with Little J and hubby :)  Little J wore two costumes.  Well, the first one he wore out for lunch with my side of the family—a Kimono set, which he also wore early in the morning while he helped grandma (hubby's mom) prepare for the village's "trick or treat" activities:



... and off we go :)  Here's Little J feeling like he's a big boy already—he doesn't want to hold daddy's hand...


Little J sweats a lot and fast, so I thought of getting this construction worker vest (with tools, a tool belt, and a "hard" hat) instead :)  Cute, don't you agree?

His two older cousins came in adorable costumes as well: one's Alice in Wonderland, and the other is a Fruit Fairy. Both got their costumes from SM Department Store.  "Alice" even had a blonde wig ;)  Here are the kids having fun with their loot, though it's the adults (like us and their nannies) who will get to eat them later on haha...

I found this family so cool, because the parents came in costumes as well.  The mom was busy taking photos our kids, while I took a shot of her family ;)  Hope hubby's game to dress up next time; I would love to go around in a costume, too! :D

How about you? What are your plans for this week?
Happy Halloween :D

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