Wednesday, October 6, 2010

FitFlop Convert

I finally brought out my FitFlops for a spin last weekend at Batangas.  

I know white isn't the best color to maintain, but I love how white makes everything looks so clean and fresh.  Here is a photo of my new pair, beside hubby's worn ones which he loves wearing :)

In all honesty, I couldn't imagine myself wearing FitFlops.  Heels are our best friend, right?  Until I found this "Elektra" model that's more fashion forward and glam in style, compared to the others which look very casual and sporty—so not me!  

Thank goodness for this white pair, I am now a convert!  Although I don't have any back problems (click on this link to find out what the benefits are), I believe that it helped me walk with a straight posture.  Plus, walking on these babies really feel like I'm walking on air.  They're great for running around with little J, too :D  Thanks, FitFlop ;)

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