Friday, July 23, 2010

Winning an Ipad :D

Yes, you read the title right :D But before I go into that, let me share with you where and how it happened. 
My parents and I (with hubby) were invited to a friend's wedding. The groom's parents are childhood friends with my parents, and coincidentally, I am friends with both the groom and the bride as well.

My parents were seated at the groom's area, while hubby and I were seated at the bride's... in table 64 to be exact.

It was a lovely wedding reception, with about 900 invitees. They even asked Aiza Seguerra to sing a few songs. Love her voice!

Had a photo taken with very in-demand stylist (and schoolmate) Sidney Yap before dinner was served.

Hubby left to do some errands for his parents (long story), and so I was left alone at our table. Then, came the game: each table had a bar of chocolate that should be passed around. The person who's holding the chocolate once the music stops gets the chance to win an iPad. And guess who ended up holding the bar of chocolate? :D Out of the 90 tables, only 12 had neon orange stickers on the chocolates, and I was one of the lucky 12.

The host, Eva Poon, who coincidentally did my debut more than a decade ago ;) asked all 12 of us to go up the stage. The first person to go to the microphone and sing the song the groom (Aaron) used to propose to the bride (Jan) gets to bring home the iPad. I was all pumped up to win it—singing in front of a big audience is no biggie for me, as I used to compete back in school. As soon as the orchestra started playing the song, I went straight to the mic and sang along. Now, wasn't that easy? :) The song was "Forevermore," btw...

Here I am with the host, Eva :) She kept saying she feels old every time she sees me, because she'd remember how young I was when she did my debut. But dear Eva, you look younger and sexier than ever! Don't feel old, 'coz if you do, I'll feel old too! ;)

I immediately called hubby as soon as I got my iPad and went back to my table. This really made our night :D Here's a photo of what I had with me: the iPad, the bar of chocolates and my J. Lhuiller beaded bag which my parents bought for me from Shangri-la Mactan. Don't be fooled by the size of the bag, it can actually fit a lot of my stuff like 3 phones, my digicam and a lipstick ;)

Oh, and for this post, there are two things that are making me giddy all week or even all month long :D
One, this lovely gown by Eric delos Santos.  
A lot of ladies approached me that night, asking who made this gown. For orders and inquiries, you can get in touch with him at 0920-9264342. What I like about his gowns is that he puts bones to make sure you have good posture and that all those bulges are tucked in! Great for moms and lolas, too! Teehee...
Two, the iPad that hubby and little J are enjoying.  
I haven't had the chance to tinker with it yet, this weekend for sure :)

Congratulations, Aaron and Jan :D
Welcome to the club!


  1. Love your gown Jane! Super pretty and I will definitely approach you and ask for whoever made this gown! Congratulations!!! You're one gorgeous and LUCKY girl of the night!

  2. Congrats on the Ipad. That is one lucky win.

    I love the gown, my son is almost 10 months and I cant seem to get back on my pre pregnancy weight. You, on the other is very very sexy agad. I'm inggit! :-)

  3. Nikki: Thanks! I really felt I won an award haha...

    Dr. S: Thanks also :D How many more pounds to go for you? I shed off the remaining excess weight when little J was close to 10 months old. I stopped breastfeeding also around that time, because I started working already. A lot of people have been asking me how I did it, but I didn't go on a diet. After much thought, I realized these are the three things I did that might have helped me lose the unwanted pounds: oatmeal for breakfast, changed to brown rice from white for all meals, and had wheat grass every morning. E-mail me if you're interested to try wheat grass ;)

  4. you are sooooo lucky!!!! and all you had to do was sing! congrats, congrats! enjoy the Ipad!!! and goodness, that gown is indeed stunning! i love the train and the rosettes!

  5. Yeah, was really lucky. Just realized earlier today I won a 32g iPad pa ;) How cool is that?
    Thanks also for the compliments, I really love my gown. Would have been great as wedding gown, too! :D


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