Monday, July 5, 2010

It's Official! :)

Last Friday, July 2, was the official first day of Forever 21 here in SM Megamall.  I got to the store close to 7 a.m. to check on our marketing collaterals to make sure they were installed/placed correctly.  By 9a.m., I was back in the store preparing 250 numbered stubs to give out to the first 250 customers to line up outside—we were giving them P200 voucher each, with no purchase requirement.  Cool, huh?

SM Megamall has agreed to open its doors by 930a.m. so that we can have a line outside.  As soon as the mall doors were opened, we could hear shrieking and running girls outside.  It gave me goosebumps :o  

When I went outside, armed and ready with the free vouchers and stubs in my sling bag, I saw a very looooong line at the secondary hallway!  I was so shocked. I read a tweet that described it as "great wall of china," another one said it was "kilometric" hihi...

One of our visual merchandisers, Maribez, who was flown in from the U.S. head office saw me with the vouchers on my way out, and suggested that I be very careful.  Because the one who releases them in the U.S. gets trampled on or gets into some sort of accident.  I reassured her that I'll be fine, since I will have bouncers beside me ;)

Here I am with "kuya" bouncer, wearing a yellow dress and gray suede booties (not seen in photo) with this fabulous black acrylic multi-chain necklace from Forever 21, and my black Prada sling bag which stores all the free voucher for that morning.   Thanks to my "ate" at work, Lou who is the AVP for Marketing, who took this photo.  She's been a great help all throughout.

Taken at the pre-opening VIP event last Thursday.  One of the few breathers we got.

Thank you to everyone for visiting us this weekend. Do drop me a note here if you wanna say hi.  Will try to post more photos soon :)  Have a great week ahead, everyone!


  1. hi jane!!! would love to work in forever21. any posts open? :)

  2. Jane, do you own the store? Cool! Congrats!

  3. I love the message on your comment box! :) Forever 21 makes me smile all the time. I haven't shopped in the Manila branch but I should soon. It's just that I'm so scared of the crowd!

    Love your outfit, btw :)

  4. Ms Understood: Let me check if we still have openings. Send your resume to us at Thanks :)

    Monica: Oh, no :) It's a joint venture between Forever 21 USA and SM.

    Teeyah: Aww... thanks :D You should go during off-peak hours, like M-Th and in the morning just to be sure :) Have you add us up in Facebook? I upload new merchandise at least twice a week.


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