Monday, July 19, 2010

Friends for Keeps

Last Friday was a packed one. I stayed at the store the whole day, but managed to do some errands over lunch.  Was supposed to have dinner at Cyma in Greenbelt with a few members of the ol' PINK gang, but had to finish up at the store.  Besides, I wasn't really looking forward to driving all the way to Makati on a Payday-Friday night :o

Got to Greenbelt around 10 p.m.and I was quite surprised with how busy Greenbelt 2 is again.  It was pretty packed!  It took as a while to get a table at Barcino's.  On our way up, I bumped into fellow editor and blogger Frances Amper-Sales.  She was there with a few of her colleagues as well---what a coincidence ;)  Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo with her :(

Here I am with the gang: me looking very tired, Ria and hubby Dix Perez (photographer), Bebeth Timbol and Ava Samson—there goes Ava again, goofing around ;)

Now, I don't drink but I can manage a small glass of wine as long as I drink a lot of water.  I drank about 5 glasses that night :o just to make sure I'm still okay to drive home by myself haha... 

And I made sure to eat a lot of tapas since I wasn't able to have a decent dinner:

We called it quits by 1 a.m.—I was up since 8a.m. and Dix had shoots lined up the next day. Here's one last group shot with the girls :)

It's been soooo long since we last hung out, and I sure am glad we were able to do it last Friday.  
Miss the ol' PINK gang ;)

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