Friday, July 30, 2010

Salt, Food and Friends

Got tickets to the movie premiere of SALT last Wednesday, thanks to the Velvet channel :)   All we can say is that we love it; don't want to share more than that since I might ruin it for you.  It's a must-watch, next to Inception (for this month, that is).

Here I am with hubby: wearing a Prada polo dress, 
with grey wool peep-toe booties from Korea, and a Prada clutch.

We watched it with another couple who we hang out with a lot, and grabbed a bite at Lu after.

We ordered two of their truffle mac 'n cheese. Sinful, isn't it? I'll definitely try their chorizo rice bowl next time. That looks yummy, too!

This is how their mac 'n cheese looks like. Hubby and I enjoyed it immensely! The truffle oil smelled sooooo good! It was baked at the correct temperature, with the cheese not too creamy or soggy.

We ended the night with this very rich cheesecake with lemon. Don't be fooled by the size, the serving was just right for the four of us ;)

It was my first time at Lu, and I loved the place, the food and the ambience. The only thing I didn't like was that I smelled like used cooking oil the minute I stepped out of the restaurant. Most likely, because of the kitchen. And to think I was just admiring how transparent they are with their kitchen. Oh well... hope they can fix this problem soon, so I can bring my family to Lu :)


Have a great weekend, everyone!  
I'll be at the store today for shoots, will I see you there? ;)
And I'll most likely be at the Rockwell bazaar tomorrow to check out some goods. See you there, too? :D

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