Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shoe Splurge

My family went to Hong Kong last week. I couldn't join them, because I wasn't sure if I can leave since Forever 21 just opened.  I did get to shop with my mom at Duty Free last Saturday ;) We wanted to get these cute M&M dispensers (free if you buy 2 bags of M&Ms), but realized that they will just add to all that "junk" we have at home.  But don't you think they're soooo cute? :)


Up the level where the luxury brand goods are, we saw more stuff on sale. We love checking out good buys and there were a lot of Bally and Ferragamo shoes being sold at 30-50% off.

We ended up buying a pair each, at 50% off—good deals! :D I don't really need another pair of shoes, but you know how it is when you're with a shopping buddy.  And the true test? I don't regret buying it!

Kinda obvious which one is mine, right? :)

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