Friday, July 16, 2010

Purr-fect Engagement

Been busy with all the paperwork that had to be done. In between all that boring stuff, I'd check on Forever 21 Philippines Facebook page to answer all the queries. 
Here I am, typing away, with a studded tiger connector ring from Forever 21. 
Fab, don't you agree? :) And the price? Super affordable! 

I'll be at the store the whole day today, will I be seeing you there too?  
Hope so!
Have a great weekend, everyone! :D


  1. cool connector ring! i bought some cross connector ones via F21 online and i can't wait to get them. i haven't dropped by the store in Megamall. i'm still waiting for the flood of people to wane...but i'm really ecstatic that we have F21 here in the Phils...finally!!!

  2. Hey Kookie!
    We had the cross connector rings a few days ago, wasn't able to check yesterday if it's still available. Please do drop by when you can, I'm sure you'll love the store :D


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