Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Alcohol 101

Last weekend sure was packed for me.  I was under the weather since Wednesday last week, but I couldn't miss out on our intimate dinner set with the ol' Pink (teen magazine) gang at Ava's house:
In photo (clockwise from bottom right): Aia of Imago, Ria Perez (who became close to the Pink gang), Ava Samson, me and Bebeth Timbol

There were boys, too! Here is Dix Perez (the only boy in the Pink gang) with Marco and hubby:

Hubby and I don't drink, but I couldn't resist joining in. So I had 1/4 glass of white wine and 1/4 glass of this chocolate malt liquor that Bebeth bought from her recent Europe trip (on the rocks)—delicious!

I don't know anything about alcohol, and I realized after drinking that my runny nose was clogged already. Apparently, I shouldn't be drinking when I'm not feeling well. Uh oh... oh well, I learned something new that night ;) The price of which, my hoarse voice and heavy head... Sigh! But it was worth it, because I got to hang out with good friends hehe...


  1. oooh, that choclit malt liquor looks interesting! does it taste somewhat like Bailey's chocolate?

  2. Hey Kookie! It's kinda like Bailey's but richer and thicker :D


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