Friday, July 9, 2010

Lunch Reward

I think I've lost a bit of weight over the Forever 21 launch period. Hubby was scared that I wasn't eating right, and thought I was too thin already.  Honestly, with so much stuff to do, I would end up not having dinner anymore.  But I made sure to have a good lunch though :)

On the day of the pre-opening VIP day (Thursday), Lou suggested we have lunch at this kebab place at 2nd floor of The Atrium (same floor where Forever 21 is).  We needed a place to work, and somewhere with good wi-fi access.  Btw, for those of you who do not know yet, the whole of SM Megamall has free wi-fi :D

We ordered vegetable samosas, potato croquettes, nan (instead of rice) and their version of buttered chicken—all very yummy! And I had their bottomless iced tea which was really really good, btw! Aside from the sumptuous food, the owner was really nice as she let us occupy three tables for us to work with. Thank you again! :D

Here I am with Lou, pre-event sans the makeup and trying to smile despite all the stress. We both think we deserved a good lunch and a pat on the back for all the time spent on planning the launch of Forever 21. I'm really grateful to have found a "sister" in the company who shares the same values as I do; she's such a great mentor, too! I really wouldn't have done it without you, Lou! *hugs*


  1. Jane, what's the name of the kebab place??? =)

  2. I remember now :D Kebab Factory!!! We spent a little over P1,000 for two, not bad ;)


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