Monday, April 19, 2010

Star Sightings

Had to go to my old office in ABS-CBN (one of the big TV networks here in the Philippines) to pick up some items yesterday, and decided to bring little JJ along.  It was a spur-of-the-moment decision I made.  Our yaya (nanny) didn't even have time to change into her uniform.

Of course, since we were there, I gave our nanny/yaya a tour of my ol' office.  We ended up in ASAP (a hit musical variety noon time show), and found the stars doing their rehearsals.
We stayed for a few minutes, and were lucky enough to have chanced upon their break time. The pretty Maja Salvador exited our way, and we got to spend a couple of minutes with her. She thought I was there to style some celebrities—that was one of my "jobs" before.
Being a mommy... I asked if I can take a photo of her with little JJ. Hihi... but it was blurred :( Oh well...
What made me giddy: In between catching up with Maja, Vina Morales (also another celebrity) couldn't resist asking who little JJ was and planted him a kiss. She found him so cute! She was in a hurry, so wasn't able to take a photo. Got really kilig/happy over that :D
And speaking of ASAP, they are celebrating their fifteenth anniversary. Wow, how time flies right? They've released some cool and colorful graphics shirts under the BUM brand. I must say that these shirts are tastefully done.
asap xv bum

On another note: I wonder why all the celebrities wear shades, even in enclosed areas?! Is it because of the stage lights? D0 they (always) lack sleep?

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