Friday, April 23, 2010

Slipper Happy

My mom let me have the driver yesterday, and I decided to hit Rockwell tent during my lunch break for the 5th Make Your Own Havaianas.  I got dropped off a few meters from the tent, and saw this:

There was a crew filming:

I got there about 12:10nn, and the event started/opened at 11am. This is what greeted me at the entrance. WOAH!

The pretty Anne Gonzales of Havaianas greeted me at the entrace. This lady is super hands-on, and very accommodating. Here with her is events guy Stephen Ku of Eventscape:

After our short chitchat regarding her latest photoshoot with Mega, where she wore a New Yorker cocktail dress—fabulous, you should check that out. I bumped into Nana Caragay of Chalk magazine.

Mark approached me and Nana. He's the dude who was filming outside. Mark (or Jan La'O to those who know him), Nana and I share a bond—we all were part of Chalk at some point in our lives :D

Mark then did his rounds, and Nana lined up for her pair. This is what you'll see inside :o Pandemonium!!!!

After taking some photos, I went back to the forms:

See the left hand page? They've released a commemorative MYOH 5 print for the soles, in black and white. Here is a guy getting his in black.

But I had a hard time deciding what to get, so I decided to take a look at the actual samples

Don't you just love the new jelly thongs? They come in grape, pink, and

... clear. I couldn't decide which of the three to get :o All I was sure of was getting the commemorative MYOH 5 in white ;)

So, while deciding on what combo I should get, and what pins to include; I did one round and took pictures:

The lighted havis are so cute!

Mark was also doing the rounds, looking for the lady who owns the other pair of the flip flop he's holding (and in the photo) :)

I ended up at the cashier. People were hoarding!

Not only did this lady hoarded, she had lots of pins on every pair. And the pins are really big, compared to the past MYOH, but prices are a bit more expensive, too! Those big pins cost P150 each.

If you're a Havaianatico, then these things are what will make you line up for more:
- MYOH commemorative printed soles
- the pins!!!! They're bigger and with more styles that have blings.
- new strap colors: flouroscent, and jelly

MYOH is ongoing until April 26 at the Rockwell Tent. The lines are really long, so prepare to bring your friends and family who'd be willing to help line up for you. Bring your ipod, your DS, or whatever to keep you company.   Good luck!

I'm really lucky because: I was only there for an hour. Had work so couldn't wait for my pair. I got one for my mom, too! We've never miss a MYOH event. Good thing, I'm friends with Anna and her PR (GMCI) and Events (Creative Juice) teams. So I left my form, and will be back tomorrow to pick up my new havis. Can't wait to get them. Thank you, Anne of Terry S.A./Havaianas, Anika and Rhea of GMCI, and Janice Crisostomo of Creative Juice ;)

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