Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Parent's Source of Inspiration

I've heard this line a LOT from working parents: "You'll feel energized just by hugging your kid/s when you get home after a hard day's work."  I've never really given it much thought, but I know that's how my dad feels every time he comes home at night.   These are the things you take for granted.

But now that I'm a working mom myself, I can relate to other working parents.  Most especially with my dad.  I remember him telling us siblings that everything he does, he does for us.  We are his inspiration.  And that's how hubby and I feel when we see our very own little J :D

Here are some photos I took of us last night when I got home:
jane jj mirror 3

jane jj mirror 2

jane jj mirror 1
what I'm wearing: H&M beaded cotton top and pleated shorts

What gives us strength: our little bundle of joy, JJ :)

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