Friday, April 16, 2010

An Inspirational Talk

Hubby and I are really blessed to have a really nice and caring set of godparents for our wedding.   I paid a visit to one of our godmothers yesterday over lunch break.  It was worth the trip—I'll post that next time :)  For now, I want to announce a talk that our godparent, Uncle Wyden King.  This is him, leading the prayer at our wedding reception:
cninong wyden king

He's cousins with my dad, and the man who used to handle Anito Lodge.  He is very vocal about how he was before, and how and why he changed and found God.  And he's giving a talk today, this is the text I got:

What would make a man give up earning millions?  Find out as Wyden King, owner of former Anito Lodge shares his story: 8 p.m. at UECG, 18 J. De Mesa St., San Juan

Now, for those of you who do not know... I'm still very much a Catholic, but I embrace and am very open to other teachings.  After all, we all believe in the same God right? :)

So, if you still don't have plans for tonight, and are interested in hearing him talk. Do drop by :)

What we're thankful for: Uncle Wyden for being an inspiration

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