Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do the Plunge!

There was a major fire that hit the squatters area in E.Rodriguez near St. Luke's Hospital over the weekend.  Our electrical lines were cut, because Meralco wanted to avoid shortages if ever their lines were hit.  So, at around 5p.m., we didn't have electricity.  Hubby called Meralco and they couldn't promise us what time we will have them back.

We decided around 6p.m. to go to my parents house nearby, and wait it out.  This is what we did with little J.  The first part may be a bit boring, but wait until you get to the last 30 seconds :D

Pardon the noise and the laughter, we were all so excited to see little J attempt to stand up on his own, and it seems like little J is doing the "Nestea splash."  With him on the bed is my youngest brother.  He's 21 years old, and taking up pre-med.  We have a big age gap, that's why, sometimes, I feel like little J is my younger brother, too! ;)


  1. Hi Jane, love the video! Can't believe that's Jaja! I still remember him being your little brother na sobrang huggable. :)

  2. Oh my, you still remember Jaja? hehe... Can you believe it? He's already taking pre-med in Ateneo! And yes, he's still very huggable at 6 ft. tall!


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