Monday, September 20, 2010

Well-Rested Legs

I bought these two pairs of sky-high heels last week at the store (Forever 21).  How could you possibly pass these up? :)

This is what I wore last Friday:
What I'm wearing: Gray stretch cotton dress with lace sleeve detail from Forever 21, lace stirrups from a bazaar in Malaysia (we have something similar at the store), and Forever 21 platform stilletto lace up booties.


And this one was last Saturday:
What I'm wearing: White loose polo (I tucked in the front and left the back out), black shorts, and daisy-printed platform maryjanes. All from Forever 21.


On both days, I decided to stay at the store.  By Saturday afternoon, my feet were getting a bit cramped.  I woke up yesterday morning with sore thighs to boot!  That's because I spent the whole Saturday taking photos and squatting to take better shots of the accessories that were displayed below waist level.  I seriously thought I could take it—wearing high heels, but I didn't realize I would be squatting and bending a lot :o  Oh well, I got a workout anyways haha...

So, I opted for something casual to wear for yesterday's activities.  Plus, I was with little J and didn't want to risk slipping or falling while carrying the little guy.  He was quite the walker (and talker) that afternoon at Power Plant mall :o
What I'm wearing: Loose shirt with multi-pastel colored pinwheel design from Bangkok Chatuchak, and blue tiered mini with eyelet design from Meisic Mall in Chinatown, and turquoise sequined flats from Kira Plastinina, with my Chloe Ethel bag.

I don't regret buying these two pairs.  More so because they were sold out in just two days!  Forever 21 stocks run out quite fast, since we have limited pieces per style.  So, to everyone who's worried about wearing the same Forever 21 items as the girl/boy next to you: Don't worry, we only have a handful per design to sell.  And to those who get disappointed if the store doesn't have enough stocks: Please understand that we try to keep items as limited as possible, so you won't be seen with the same outfit ;)  So what's the best solution?  Try to visit us every week to get first dibs on the merchandise.  Mornings until lunch time is always recommended ;)

Have a great week ahead, everyone! :D


  1. I love F21.. My friends thinks I go there everyday because I'm always updated with what you guys have in stock. Haha!!

    I love your lace up booties btw. :)

  2. I know, Honey! :) You're such a Forever21 loyalist haha ;) Thanks for defending me when I post photos in FB :o Don't worry, I'll be having an assistant who can focus on FB by next month, among other things. Yipee!

    Re: the booties, I love them but they are soooo high that I feel a little bit wobbly the first few minutes that I wore them haha... Were you able to get them? :)


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