Monday, September 27, 2010

Babies' Day Out

I met Billie of The Body Shop about two years ago.  She was with her then-boyfriend-now-hubby Ian, who is coincidentally childhood friends with hubby.  Fast forward to 2010, Billie gave birth to an adorable baby boy and is now back to work with The Body Shop.  Their son, Matteo, is almost 6 months old.  So we decided it was time to schedule a play date— we had lunch last Saturday at Sugi Greenhills.

I am amazed at how Billie's hubby, Ian, carries Matteo haha... Find it cool, actually :)

Here are the mommies with their babies...
And the daddy-os...
And a group shot ;)

Billie is one of the sweetest girls I know. So glad to have a little downtime with her family and ours—and at Sugi, too! We love the food there ;) Until the next pig out session!


  1. hahaha, thanks jane! :D until the next playdate! :D


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