Monday, September 13, 2010

A Packed Weekend

The long weekend was all about pigging out and wearing short shorts.  Oh, how I've missed them—long weekends and wearing shorts, that is.  Anyways, let me start with Friday night.  Hubby and I hung out with another couple; we started the night by watching "Going The Distance" (It's a must-watch, BTW), and ended the night with a late dinner at Chili's:
Nacho's smothered with cheese, topped with jalapeno, and sidings of sour cream and shredded lettuce
I always have their Chicken Fingers (I'm baduy like that), but hubby convinced me to try something else. So, I had their Grilled Chicken strips with alfredo sauce—sinful!
Hubby ordered something from their new menu (full of burgers). I think this came with mushroom and onion rings.
We capped it off with this yummy new version of their cake served with ice cream on top ;P

What I wore: Embroidered RL polo shirt, printed shorts from Forever 21, black espadrilles from Target, and my new bag purchase—a Chloe Ethel I got from my recent Bangkok trip :D Took me some time to bring this bag out for a spin, because I had doubts due to it being a bit on the heavy side. It was kind of an impulse buy :o I spent two weeks thinking if I should sell it, and came to a decision to keep it...obviously ;) I love the style, the fact that it comes with a sling, and it's a pretty roomy bag, too! What do you think?


  1. Love the outfit Jane! I wonder if I would be back to my size after I give birth... :) hahaha...
    Keep the bag, I believe it's a keeper really nice!!! :)

  2. Thanks, Ems :D Of course, you'll go back to your size :) Payat ka naman e... Just remember to eat as much when you're breastfeeding because you're going to need it. Don't worry too much. But do remember to lessen your food intake when you've stopped breastfeeding.
    Thanks for the bag compliment ;) I'm going to keep it hehe...


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