Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sunday is Family Day

Sunday's are sacred for me: I make sure to spend time with both my side of the family and hubby's.  I think all young parents agree that Sunday isn't a rest day for us at all :o But spending time with our loved ones makes not resting at all worth it, right? :)

We had lunch at Picasso in Makati (will post pics of those when I can), and went straight to Greenbelt 5 after.  Hubby and I agreed to accompany my family while they wait for their 4:30 p.m. movie.  I am so envious that they've watched Despicable Me. Here is Little J dressed in a Japanese Kimono set, a gift from my family when they went to Japan last year—I was left here in Manila that Holy Week 2009, because I was pregnant with Little J.

Here's dad attempting to use Little J's bolster pillow as support:

... and failed. He went back to using Little J's "lampin" hehe...

He's 1 year and 2 months now, and he can be quite a handful :o I "placed" him on this sofa, while my family checked out some furniture at the basement. He had a blast walking/crawling from end to end–beats letting him walk around in the store ;) This is less tiring haha...

We left my family after a while, and went straight to my in-laws'. Rested for a bit, and had dinner with hubby's whole family at Shangri-la Plaza mall. Here's Little J on his first Carousel ride, which he was scared of...

Yaya brought him back to the restaurant, and he hung out with his cousins, with yaya showing him how to draw with crayons. I kept the paper with all his scribbles :D

We got home close to 10 p.m.—Sunday just whizzed by noh? But I had a great time despite not being able to rest. Nothing can replace quality time with loved ones :D How about you? How do you spend your Sundays? :)


  1. Little J is super, super cute!!!! I want to pinch his cheeks!

  2. Awww... hope Little J and I can meet you SOON :D


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