Wednesday, June 2, 2010

JJ's Almost One!

Less than a month to go, and it's little J's birthday :o I met hubby and little J at the grocery after work, to buy some goodies for his party loot bags.  We also needed to buy his milk.  He's a growing boy!  If you're a frequent visitor, you would know that from his latest visit to the pedia, he weighed 12 kgs already—that's 26 lbs :o  The average weight of a 1-year-old is 9 kgs, and he just turned 11 months old! 

Here we are, waiting for dada as he pays for JJ's loot:
jj's stuff
Took a few more shots of the little one:
JJ grocery
We've already bought our giveaways a few months back. Way before I started work. These complete the loot bag line up!
jj's loot
Yay, almost done! We're so excited! :D

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