Thursday, May 2, 2013

Space Invasion

I know it's been a looooong time since I've shared anything online via this blog (I've been more active on instagram - follow me at janekingsucheng), but I hope this entry will excite you as much as the event did for me and my fellow guests :)

Today is the start of the much awaited annual "Make Your Own Havaianas" event.  I can't believe this is their 8th year, which means I have eight customized Havs already :o  I think I'm an addict ;) 
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Like always, the Havaianas team is prepared to accommodate tens of thousands of "havaianaticos" to the Rockwell Tent.   You'll be greeted with several tents with installations as you wait your turn at the main venue:

You'll surely love the last waiting area, where you'll see this backlit installations that reminded me of colorful stencils :)

As soon as I got in, I was greeted with the guys serving alcoholic (I found out too late! I haven't drank for the longest time) drinks and grilled sandwiches and pitas:

And the original and still the best cupcake in the Philippines, Sonja's, was there as well with yummy tidbits :D

Their photo wall was pretty cool, too!

You can even have fun and design your own pair.  I'll expound this some time soon ;)

Can you guess how many flip flops were used to make this?  The hosts shared it later on - 1,753!

A big LED was on stage to show the guests what's happening all throughout the night.

Here's the form that you have to fill out before they make your pair.
Don't you just love the outer space-themed pins?

Here's a glimpse of what will be available this weekend.  
Tip: try to go tomorrow.  The best ones usually go out of stock by Saturday or Sunday.



I got to the venue late - like 830PM :o  So I only got to mingle for a few minutes.
Bumped into Daryl Chang of Preview and her boyfriend Mano of Rogue.

...and Angelo of and L.A. of Mega magazine.

I went on my way and finally picked a combination for my flipflops, when I heard good friend Robby Carmona calling me for an impromptu meeting for a project - details soon!
 Here he is, goofing around with me ;)

I got myself a glass of pink lemonade, realizing that it's spiked after I finished the whole things.  I was already thirsty by then haha...

I like the fact that there are mirrors at the bottom for you to easily check out your picks :)

Last stop - payment!

I paid using my F21 MasterCard ;) I particularly love the dustbag this year, as it came with a set of colored markers which you can use to color the bag.


Tada!!! Here is my pair.  I always get the limited edition ones - I mean, that's the whole point of going to an MYOH event right?  The soles are glow-in-the-dark, too ;)  As for the pins, I picked everything that's related to outer space hehe...

Finally, my OOTD: Forever 21 top and shorts, paired with Sperry Topsider wedges and Prada clutch.

As you can see in the photo, I have avocado green streaks.  I'll tell you all about it very soon!
I know, I know! So much stories to share ;) 

Oh, and congratulations and thank you to Anne Gonzales and the rest of the Havaianas team, Jules and Alexis of GMCI who handles their PR, and Janice Villanueva and her events team!


  1. Wow cool. Never was into havaianas but they're real pretty when bespoke. Got my 1 and only pair (in pink) straight from a market in Rio given by my Brazilian colleague. They're fascinated how their humble slippers went global.

    Love your shorts x

  2. I'm not a fan of flip-flops, but the thought of having your own customized ones are enough reasons to hit the event :)


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