Friday, January 11, 2013

Because It's the Weekend...

I'm sharing you one of my most laziest outfits :) On weekends, my clothing du jour has always been shorts—they're comfy and perfect for running around with the kids.


Forever 21 sequined top, BCBG shorts, sequined Fitflops, Givenchy Antigona.

For this outfit, I kept it simple and classic, but added a little "glam" by picking pieces with a little bit of shimmer.  I am not fond of glitters and sequins in general, but I like those with a little sheen with sweet candy colors.  Hence, these white ones are perfect with just the right amount of subtle sheen :)  

And the Fitflops?  Yes, I've succumbed to owning a pair of these.  I know they're not stylish, but this crisp white pair can pass for one (well, in my opinion) anthey're quite comfy, actually.  Again, great for the weekends!


  1. Hi Ms. Jane, I love the top and the bag! ^_^



  2. Thank you, prettylittlepetite! Such a "tamad" day to get dressed, actually :o


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