Thursday, May 9, 2013

Massage Blues

If political candidates are stressed over the May 13 elections, I am stressed over my next store opening set this May 16/17 :o  

It's the usual stress, so it's not something my team can't handle.  Stress is always part of life.  You just gotta go with the flow :)  Right now, I am dreaming of massages, which I will surely get to have after the store (Forever 21) opens :D

Luckily, hubby and I were able to squeeze a massage appointment last week at Ki by Neo Day Spa in Wilson St., Greenhills.  Neo Spa is one of my fave establishments. 
 Neo Spa

Their receptionists are always warm and welcoming, taking their time to explain their services.  I especially love their uniform. I wanted to take photos so I can share them with you, but the ladies were pretty shy...
Neo Spa

After reviewing their menu, hubby picked the Zen Bodywork to relieve stress, while I got the Ki Bodywork that came with an express facial :)
Neo Spa

There are a lot of packages and promos that you can avail of as well.  
I spy a promo package for Forever 21 MasterCard holders ;)
Neo Spa

I love the simplicity of the whole place.  The interiors and the music are all in sync, making our massage session a relaxing one.  Of course, their masseuses are well-trained an equipped to give you the best massages ;)
Neo Spa

And really, it's all about the little details, like this waiting area...
Neo Spa

...and these lovely calalilies :)
Neo Spa

Oh, and this artwork got me curious.  I will definitely try this one next time :D
Neo Spa
Why don't you treat yourself to a massage this weekend? :)
35 Wilson Street corner Washington Street Greenhills West, San Juan City
Telephone    +63 (02) 5846789, +63 (02) 5846066
Operating Hours: Daily from 1 pm to 11 pm.


  1. Amazing environment. Which to go there and get some amazing massage :)


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