Monday, May 27, 2013

Metrowear Icon Outfit

Here's my last post on the Metrowear Icon event—my outfit post:

While waiting for my mom, I tried to take a photo of myself inside the hotel's restroom.
Nice attempt with the mirrored frames, but it didn't do my outfit justice hehe...
Metrowear Rajo

Love this angled shot though...
Metrowear Rajo

Here's another shot taken when I got home.  
This ensemble is made by designer Ronaldo Arnaldo.  
It's the first time I wore this high-low ombre top 
with beaded glitter skirt and sheer hemline.
Metrowear Rajo

My mom recently gave me her "old" rings, but they were too big for me.  
Good thing wearing a lot of rings are a trend right now, 
so this makes a good excuse for me to pile on these blings ;)
Metrowear Rajo

Completing the outfit were my Prada clutch and Missoni heels.

I sure miss attending events where I get to dress up.  It's been a while since I brought out these babies, if you know what I mean :D  Here's to more events and outfit posts — hopefully!

Have a great week ahead, everyone :)


  1. lovely! :)

  2. Thank you, Em :)
    I miss getting all dressed up!


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