Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Gina Baby!

Because it was Gina's special day yesterday, 
here are some pics from her advanced birthday party last dec. 27 :)

The celebration was at her bar called Fred's, located at Cubao X20121227_233102

It seems that Fred's has been doing quite well.  
It has taken over spaces right across and beside it, too!

I really like the whole atmosphere—very homey!
I told Gina it reminded me of my trip to one of the bar strips in Melbourne (Australia) and Gina shared that she customers from Australia who said it felt like that too!

My friends had beer, while I enjoyed a big glass of mango shake—for the breastfeeding mom ;) I don't really like drinking though, so it's all good.  Just give me pulutan like these yummy onion rings hehe...

Her cupcakes consists of things that represent her.  
Like this one, with an inhaler since Gina has asthma haha...

Here's a photo of "the group" 
We became good friends when we were all working for ABS CBN Publishing then.
Left to right: Mags Paguyo (who was our resident photographer for Chalk magazine, Marj Akil (who's now based in England and flew back to Manila for the holidays at the last minute), me and birthday girl Gina.

So much stories to share, so little time. 
Still, we all had a blast :)

Happy birthday again, Gina!

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