Monday, March 28, 2011

Slow Sunday

Since little J has the colds, we decided to stay home.   But despite having (slight) colds, he still went out and played:

He was also playing with his RC car that hubby was in control of, and little J slipped :( He landed on his face, bull's eye on the nose :(  I tried taking a photo of him, all dirty, and got this instead :D  Despite falling hard, he didn't cry and make a big fuss over his accident.  I'm might proud of our big boy :D

Here's another shot on his way up to his room to take a shower.  Can you see the dirt all over? :(

Then lunch arrive, from Shakey's.  It's been a while since we've had Shakey's delivered.  Pretty cool that we can now pay with our credit card, too ;)
Had their latest Angus pizza—pretty good!  And we got the pepperoni pizza for free (because of their card).

Had Mojos as well.  How I've missed this!

Got little J spaghetti, which he made him full and sleepy.

After about two hours, he was up and running.  Yaya (nanny) changed his diaper into this  "Winnie the Pooh" pull-up diaper by Huggies that my friend based in the U.S., Christine, gave us to try. Thanks, Christine :D  Hope you're doing well there :)

We left for dinner at my in-laws and had KFC.  Gaaaah!!! Hubby said today was junk food day, I totally agree :o  Remember little J falling on his face?  His nose was apparently burned :(  Now, he looks like Rudolph, the Red Nose Reindeer.  Yaya (the nanny) says he looks like a bunny now. Awwww...

But that didn't stop him from having fun with his other cousins.  They spent so much time playing with grandma's new toy set of drums.

I've been looking for musical toys for our little man, and this is one of those.  My mom-in-law bought it in 168 mall (in Chinatown), so I guess I'll be off on another trip there next weekend ;)

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  1. Hello Ms. Janie! I landed on your blog through Topaz Horizon. I was actually into blog hopping. I enjoyed browsing and reading your blog. I am now one of your followers. I look forward in reading more of your posts. Have a great day ahead. :)


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