Monday, March 21, 2011

JJ wants B!

Jollibee, that is... Hubby and I can't comprehend why kids love Jollibee more than any other mascot.  Someone once explained to me why both Barney and Jollibee are adored by the kids—it's because they mimic the movements of the toddlers.  They're a bit unstable and wobbly, if you get what I mean.  What do you think of this notion?

Anyways,  because little J loves Jollibee, we decided to have lunch there last Saturday:

We wanted to buy on our way out, but the kid selling the balloons were nowhere to be found...

We had their set meals at P99 each, comes with drink and dessert—not bad!

Little J spent a lot of time in the Kiddie Playground.  Two thumbs up for Jollibee, E. Rodriguez, QC ;)

We let him play on his own for a while...


I eventually joined in, since I wanted to bring him up and inside the tube.  Here we go :)

...and we're up!

... and out :D

Now, if only we can have one of these tubular playgrounds at home haha... Too expensive and there's not space for this big a kiddie set ;)  Anyways, we will be back soon to let little J play again :D

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