Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Presko Baby

It's summer all right, and kids like little J are raring to play—outdoors!  Good thing, there's Johnson's Baby products to keep him fresh all day long.  

Little J and I were invited to Johnson's Baby Presko Play event, but apparently, little J is too young to enjoy the activities prepared by the team.  But we still stayed for a few minutes to see what Johnson's prepared for that afternoon.

Selecta chocolate drinks were served—yummy!

You can have your photo taken for free, if you buy P60 worth of Johnson's products.  Not bad!

Left little J and our nanny to eat at Trellis, which was right across the event.  We always bring a bag of his toys to keep him pre-occupied.

Thanks to Azkals, football has been a trending topic, with kids learning to play the sport.  Futkal is one of those groups that are helping these kids get into the sport.  I kinda like the concept, wherein you can play football anywhere, even on the street.  Hence the name Futkal (football = Fut; kalye = street).  Here are the Futkaleros, ready to teach the kids how to play football:


Can't wait for little J to start "training" on his fave sport ;)
What I'm wearing: Loose cropped top; denim shorts, sequined floral oxfords.  All from Forever 21.
Thanks for the invite, J&J team :)

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