Monday, March 14, 2011

Kiddie Time

I find great joy and happiness in seeing little J smiling.  All the more, at a birthday party we attended yesterday.  He was jumping a lot, and stomping his feet—enjoying every second of it.  I can't wait for him to start talking as he shares his thoughts with us :D


We've been attending quite a lot of birthday parties, and I realized it's not just the kids who enjoy the shows, it's parents like us as well.  I took a video of one of the segments, just to give you an idea of what kiddie parties are like... for those who aren't parents yet ;)

And the best thing about these birthday parties? The kiddie food brings back such great memories ;) with Starbucks coffee to match for the adults present ;)  Though I don't drink coffee, my friends were all happy with seconds and even third servings hehe... 

I'm always behind the camera, taking photos of little J and hubby.  Thankfully, the photographer for that party and I are friends, so he was able to take a few shots of our family :D  

Yipee! Thanks, Jed (photographer)

Oh, and another thing that's making little J happy are these balloons we brought home from the party yesterday ;)
P.S. He was playing with these when I got home from work today.

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