Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Last Day of 2011

How did you spend your last day?  We always spend ours with the whole King clan (until 4th generation!) at our lolo's brother's house.  For this year, my cousin came up with a pajama party theme:
new year 2011

We've been spending the last day of the year together ever since I can remember.  One of my uncles shared that they have actually been doing this since they were kids as well.  I can just imagine how heartwarming and overwhelming it is to see that family grow from a family of 5 siblings :D
new year venue

We were asked to introduce each family to the whole clan, and here I am, introducing more than 50 members of my dad's family:
new year jane intro

Our "lolo-uncle" also gave a speech and he hopes to see all of us again before 2011 ends.  Here's hoping us cousins will be able to pull this off.  I would sure love to see everyone again :D  

How was your last day?

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