Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Comfort High

I dropped by Rockwell tent last Saturday for two reasons: (1.) to cover it for Manila Bulletin and (2.) to check out good finds.

And I was able to do both, and not overspend, too!  The only stall that really got me overly excited was Soule Phenomenon by Nicole Puentavella.  I came out with this fabulous platform wedges:

It was raining by the time I came out of the tent, so it was a good thing that I bought these shoes or else my other expensive espadrille wedges might have been possibly ruined by the strong downpour. Whew!
This is what I wore on my way to Rockwell. Below is a photo of me in my new shoes, which I changed into immediately after buying them ;) LOVE!

Amazing how a pair of shoes can create a totally different look, don't you agree?  
And isn't it obvious that I am super happy with these? :D
Find out more about the brand by clicking on this link.


  1. ooh, you're rockin those wedges! i have them too!!! and they are beyond fantastic!!!

    deathbyplatforms.blogspot.com :)

  2. Soule Phenomenon shoes are love love love! those shoes are fierce!

  3. Nicole: You're welcome :D

    Kookie: Thanks! How cool is that? I'm sure you rock those wedges better than I do ;)

    Gel: Super love!!! You should check them out :)

    Lloyda: You said it! :) Do you own a pair?

  4. i have a few pairs from soule phenomenon. for this particular pair i'm still waiting to arrive in my doorstep. i wasn't able to pass by the rockwell bazaar to pick them up. :(

  5. Lloyda: I'm sure you'll be so giddy when you see them hehe :D Just dropped by your blog, when are you due? :) Is it your first pregnancy?


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