Friday, August 13, 2010

All You Need is Dove

For those who watch TV on a regular basis (lucky you!), you should be familiar with Dove's 7-day challenge campaign.  Now, what does that got to do with me?  I was invited to join in on the fun! :) Along with the kit, I received a Flip video recorder which I used to record myself for 7 days—showing me wash my face with Dove without the use of a mirror and how I go about my daily routine without a mirror as well. 

Actually, when schoolmate Nicole Jacinto of Bridgesss PR called me up for this "gig," I didn't panic.  The no-mirror routine was easy for me, as I am used to leaving the house without looking at the mirror.  I also only put on makeup when needed, so I really didn't have to check my face in the morning.  

And ever since I got pregnant, I haven't gone back to my old skincare regimen which consisted of a lot of beauty products.  I got too lazy.  So when I was given Dove soaps, I was more than willing to try.  If I can get softer, smoother and glowing skin with just 1 soap vs. 5 skincare products, that would be awesome!  

After taking on the challenge, I was invited to meet with other media people and personalities who tried Dove as well.  To find out who these people are, click on this link.  All of us agreed that our skin appeared to be softer, smoother and glowing than before. That's because 1/4 of a Dove soap consists of hydrating milk that moisturizes our skin.

We are more than happy with the results.  Dove sure made things easier for me, and it does bring out the inner beauty in you by making you feel comfy in your "smoother, softer and more radiant" skin ;)  Another thing got me all giddy too—Raya showing off her Forever 21 bag.  Yay!  

Come and visit us this weekend at Forever 21 
in SM Megamall Building A ;)

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