Monday, August 1, 2011

My HP Moments

I finally got to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last week with hubby, and remembered that I have photos from my "English" travel that I have yet to share with you:

At Edinburgh (in Scotland), we passed by "The Elephant House" where J.K. Rowling spent many days writing the book :)

We were pretty full from lunch at that time, so we didn't bother going in.  Plus, we heard from a few locals (friends) that the customers get quite bothered with all the tourists coming in and taking photos of the establishment, so we just took photos from the outside.

Back in London, we stayed at the newly opened St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel:

Does this look familiar to you? This hotel was shown in the HP7 movie, before Harry Potter and his friends brought their kids to the station---19 years later.

By law, exteriors of old buildings should be kept intact.  We were amazed at how they were able to renovate the interiors as well.

A friend even shared that this staircase was used in a Batman movie.
A Spice Girl MTV was shot here as well...

Anyways, back to HP.  St. Pancras Hotel is situated right beside King's Cross Station :D
Hence, the hotel scene was included...


... and somewhere inside is platform 9, which was closed off at that time.  

It would have been great to have a photo of myself right under platform 9, don't you think? :)

I feel blessed to have parents that treated me to this 2-week-vacation :D
Thanks, mom and dad!

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