Monday, June 27, 2011

JJ is now 2

Last Saturday was Little J's 2nd birthday, and I spent the morning buying these at Divisoria—hubby had to go to work, so I tagged along :)

Balloons with "Happy Birthday" printed on it costs P40 for 10 pieces, so cheap! I forgot how much the sticks costs, but the party hats are P2 each or P20 for a dozen. 

Our original plan was to spend the afternoon (until night) at Manila Ocean Park with his cousins, but since it rained, we didn't want anyone to get stuck in traffic. Plus, it was raining so we won't be able to enjoy the fountain show :(  So, we went to Plan B, which was to spend the afternoon at Timezone in Greenhills Promenade:






And had dinner at Banana Leaf Cafe in the same area, capping it off with Hizon's birthday cake—Yummy! Oh, I got the HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles for P27 a set ;)

The kids swarmed towards the cake, all wanting to help Little J blow and eat the cake, too!

Here's Little J enjoying the icing ;)

Special thanks to Ninong Francis and Ninang Keri Zamora for taking care of us at Banana Leaf Cafe—they part owners for this branch ;)

And the highlight of the night (other than Little J's birthday) was a photo op with Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez haha... All the nannies wanted a photo with them, and since Mariel and I are friends, I was able to ask for one for them ;)

The night didn't really end as planned, as Little J ran straight towards the glass window of the restaurant and hit his head. He's been sick since Saturday night :( And I haven't been able to get a good sleep, because I've been checking if the pillows are propped up well for him to breather better—he has the colds, too :(

Happy 2nd birthday again, Little J :D 
Mama and Dada loves you very much :) Get well soon!

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