Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Movie Date

Hubby is the ultimate homebody, while I love going out... even if it's just a simple dinner with him or with our friends.  So, I was quite touched that he said yes to a movie date last night.  We watched the Black Swan premiere, hosted by the Velvet Channel.  Here's a photo of us before we went it to watch this "stressful" movie ;)
What I'm wearing: Pink top from HK, brown jeggings from Forever 21, pink suede pumps from HK, pearl necklace courtesy of Neutrogena, and Miu Miu back pack ;)

Hubby said he'll accompany since I've been wanting to watch this.  He said he'll just fall asleep if he's bored, but we were both surprised that he stayed awake all throughout.  So, ladies, don't worry about your "date" not enjoying the movie... I think they won't be ;)

Thanks, dear hubby, for the movie date :D

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